updated 5 April 2019

short-form ecoliterature : fiction, poetry, essay, and travel narrative

As we reached our 10th anniversary (October 2018), our editorial focus honed in on one particular aspect of our mission to explore the world one voice at a time. This shift in editorial focus aligns with our new vision:

To become a sustainable archive of short-form literature that explores the intersection between humans and the landscape — including any/all of its inhabitants — inspiring readers, writers, editors, and researchers to engage with and speak for their local ecosystems.

Additional details will be released throughout our anniversary year, but the gist of things can be gleaned from the central circle in the diagram found here:
and the style tips found here:


  • We ARE reading single works for publication on our blog. Please see the “New Guidelines Overview” section below for details.
  • We are NOT reading unsolicited book-length and chapbook-length manuscripts. Going forward all chapbook manuscripts will be selected on a solicited basis only, from our current authors and regular contributors to the blog who have demonstrated professionalism and community spirit. Any unsolicited chap/book queries/manuscripts will be discarded/deleted without response.

Please be sure you have read some of the works published on this blog prior to submitting your work so that you get a better feel for our editorial tastes. We believe in a robust editorial process, so revisions may be requested prior to publication. Be sure to take all of these considerations into account before deciding to submit your work to us.

New Guidelines Overview:

  • Editor: JS Graustein | Assistant Editors: Sarah Gibson, Casey Tingle, Zakariah Johnson
  • Reading Period: year round
  • Issue Close Date: 31 December of each year
  • Publication Date: Wednesdays.
  • Number of Pieces Needed: a total of 52 per year across all genres
  • Maximum Number of Pieces per Submission: one (more details below)
  • Simultaneous Submissions: no
  • Previously Published Submissions: no (exceptions below)
  • Royalty: $5 US. Cash royalty paid via PayPal.
  • Other Perqs: Folded Word’s editors may solicit chapbook manuscripts from writers with multiple works published on this blog.

We will respond to submissions as quickly as possible, but it may take 6 months to receive a response depending on the volume of submissions.

Submission of Work:

To be considered, a work must:

  1. Have a title, 70 characters or less*
  2. Fit within our format limits:
    1. Poems = 30 lines or less
    2. Flash fiction, literary essay, travel narrative = 500 words or less
    3. Cross genre = reasonable length in reference to limits in A + B above. (For example: 8 lines + 300 words, 4 lines + 400 words, 15 lines + 150 words.)
  3. Be previously unpublished. EXCEPTIONS: a work only published on your own blog OR only published in print.
  4. Follow all submission guidelines. Submissions that do not follow the guidelines will be deleted without notification.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Please only send us one work at a time — and wait until you hear from us on your first submission before sending us another. We’ll only be posting one selection per week (generally on Wednesdays), so please send your best effort.

*If your work is untitled, please give it a unique numerical identifier such as the date it was written or submitted. Example: 2017.07.11 for a poem submitted on 11 July 2017. If your work is haiku/senryu or other traditionally untitled form, simply use the first line followed by an ellipsis (…).


By filling out the form below, you grant us non-exclusive rights to publish the submitted work electronically in perpetuity and certify that the submitted work does not violate the copyrights or trademarks of any other individuals or entities.

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For permissions or press enquiries:

Folded Word
79 Tracy Way
Meredith, NH USA
FoldedEditors [at] gmail [dot] com

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  6. Does unFOLD accept poems that appear on a public twitter account but are otherwise unpublished. I’m just wondering because I write my poems directly onto my Twitter account.


  7. For Folded Word publications, we consider work that has appeared on your personal blog or Twitter stream unpublished since no other publishing entity can claim any rights to the work.


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  15. Hi there. In case you’re not aware of it, the link to the centralized submission center (above) is broken.


  16. Thanks for letting us know. Looks like our whole website is down today. Here is the relevant information:

    fiction, poetry, humor, literary essays, travel narratives

    We are seeking non-formulaic narratives that have a strong sense of place and/or time, especially the exploration of unfamiliar place/time. We are looking for manuscripts that are an escape from the everyday, be it a cleansing laugh, a cathartic cry, a virtual holiday, or even a respite from predictable plots. We enjoy quirky characters, voices that take a chance, humor, and word-play. Please, surprise us.

    PLEASE NOTE: We are currently restricting our literary novel search to those novels either written by a resident of New England or taking place in New England. Definition of New England: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut. This geographic restriction DOES NOT apply to book-length short story collections, YA novels, and novels-in-verse. There are no geographic restrictions to chapbook submissions, either.

    novels in verse/flash

    We are seeking to develop an appreciation for novel-length stories told in small segments, much like mosaic art uses small tiles to develop a large image. As such, we launched a Mosaic line of novels in spring 2014 with Darla K. Crist’s Catherine Sophia’s Elbow. Mosaic novels may be constructed using verse, flash fiction, or any other short form that employs white space as an intentional element.

    submitting your query

    Queries must be sent via postal mail to:

    Folded Word LLC
    Attn: Barbara Flaherty, Submissions Editor
    79 Tracy Way
    Meredith, NH 03253

    and should include a cover letter, three sample pages, and a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (non-US residents may skip the stamp). Your cover letter should not exceed two pages; it must include:

    Introductory remarks regarding your manuscript plus your contact and biographical information
    Title of the (chap)book and byline as you want your name to appear
    Genre and type (i.e. poetry chapbook, travel essay collection, historical novella, etc.)
    Three reading venues you would pursue upon publication
    The title of your favorite Folded Word (chap)book and why it influenced you to query us

    We are open to most genres and themes. Please be sure you have read some of our titles prior to submitting; our ebooks are reasonably priced to make exploring our list easier. We will make every effort to respond to your query within 210 days. We will only publish 6-8 titles per year; competition will be fierce. Be sure to take all of these considerations into account before deciding to submit your query to us.

    Our contracts are based on the concept of partnership and long-term sales. As such, we do not offer an advance. However we do offer royalties along with contributor and review copies. We also believe in a collaborative editorial process.


  17. Another place on your site says you are not taking full length manuscripts now. Are you still accepting novels in verse (full length) as this page talks about? thank you.


  18. Novels in verse come across our desk so rarely that we are always open to them. We don’t want to miss one due to complicated reading periods. Thanks for asking!


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  25. We are training a new acquisitions editor right now, so response times are inconsistent. That said, we are trying to get back to poets who followed all submission guidelines within 60 days.


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