Month in Review: January 2016

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The view from Folded HQ

We’ve had a busy January, and don’t expect the next few months to be any less exciting. With new chapbook releases and the launch of a few new or revised projects coming up next month, we are looking forward to February. But for now, here’s our recap for January…

Folded Word’s Twitter poetry zine unFold is getting ready to re-launch. We still need submission of ten lines or less — submission form available here.

All slots are filled for our 2017 Chapbook Series, but we are now reading for the following 2018 slots:

  • General poetry: Two open slots — narrative, nature, travel and translation preferred.
  • Japanese form poetry: One open slot, with preference given to haiku, haibun, and tanka.
  • Prose poetry: One open slot — narrative, nature, travel and translation preferred.
  • General prose: Two open slots. We are seeking 4,000-8,000 word collections of creative non-fiction, essays, short stories, or flash fiction — especially works that will allow our readers to explore the world through an ecological, geographical or cultural lens.

Submission guidelines can be found here.

There’s still time to subscribe to the 2016 Chapbook Series. The first in the series, David Oestreich’s Cosmophagy, will be out mid-February (it can also be pre-ordered individually or in bulk here). The series makes a great post-Valentine’s Day gift, to a significant-other or to oneself! There will be nine chapbooks released this year, with a discounted price through subscription. You can subscribe at the Folded Word shop for the full year (9 titles), or individual seasons – 3 chapbooks each of poetry (spring), prose (summer) or nature-themed writing (fall).

Folded Word’s first mosaic novel, Catherine Sophia’s Elbow by author Darla K. Crist, is now available in paperback.

We had a great first consultation with Daniel Owen of Ugly Duckling Presse. Stay tuned for more information from our consultations, the first of which included a visit from winter storm Jonas. Thanks again to CLMP for the consultancy grant.

Dan Szczesny, author of Mosquito Rain (upcoming in our 2016 Chapbook Series), just launched his #WriteLife column on the Folded blog. The new series is intended for the writer who wants to “go pro.” The first piece attempts to dispel the common myths of the “magic writer.” Check it out to learn why it takes more than an “active muse” to write.

Last month I (Maryka) posted a Q & A with Colorado Poet Laureate Joseph Hutchison. Check it out to learn about Hutchison’s writing practice and perspectives on sense of place.

We have more columns in the works plus some guest writers lined up for 2016, so stay updated with the Folded blog!

2 Comments on “Month in Review: January 2016

  1. I just wanted to say that I LOVE the new layout of the blog. Looking forward to commenting and seeing the chapbooks come hot off the press!


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