Theme Thursday: Teen Telephone 1

Our third set of special themes for Form. Reborn and PicFic is aimed at the audience that is most likely to forward tweets:  teens.  This is your chance to play the party game “telephone,” only your words won’t be mangled.  They’ll be passed around intact to hundreds!  I even have a hand-picked group of them waiting with their phones in hand, full of contacts, ready to forward YOUR piece to their friends.  While our standard guidelines still apply, we are aggressively seeking:

  1. Humorous Verse for Form. Reborn — any form, any length as long as it can be broken into 140 character segments.  “Form” will be defined very loosely for this one.  Make us laugh and you’re in.  (Deadline:  30 May 2009 to
  2. Picos set at school or a school event  for PicFic, written in 1, 7, & 14 tweet lengths (see submission guidelines for explanation).  Think back to high school:  the agony, the excitement, the dread, the heartbreak.  Do you feel it?  Great!  Now tell us about it.  (Deadline:  30 May 2009 to
  3. Multilingual Submissions for both journals.  Write any pico or poem in English to meet the character-count guidelines, then give us your interpretation in another language.  The English will run on Twitter.  Translations with the English will be posted on the author’s archive page.  (Deadline:  none–we LOVE multilingual submissions)

First one in gets special treatment;-)  Ready, steady, GO!

Cheers, J. S.

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