new moon, old ways

abstract of sunrise

six minutes after dawn
to the west of moonset

in rolling Pennsylvania hills
a full moon eclipses

in the east
where sunrise burns red

setting daughter
passes rising mother

paths cross
coming and going

un-blue-moon drops
from jet ink heights

through blazing white light
and sun walks alone into day

©2019 by Ingrid Bruck
Written on 31 January 2018 in response to the Super Blue Blood Moon (Full Lunar Eclipse)

Ingrid Bruck writes poetry, grows wildflowers and makes jam. Finding Stella Maris, her debut chapbook, was released this winter. She was a 2018 featured writer of Between These Shores Literary & Arts Annual and has since joined their editorial team. Current work appears in Otata, Failed Haiku, Naturewritng, Halcyon Days and Founders Favorites.

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