Month in Review: February 2016

photo of snow and trees through French door
photo of snow and trees through French door
Braving the chill from Folded HQ

Despite it’s brevity, February was a hectic month for Folded Word — both at our New Hampshire base, as well as across the country and the Atlantic, with the Folded bloggers and authors who’ve recently been featured on our blog and in new chapbooks. We are celebrating unFold’s relaunch, and anticipating our new submissions for the zine and the Folded Word chapbook series. February’s main feature was the release of a new chapbook, and we are continuing with that momentum for future months.

All slots are filled for our 2017 chapbook series, but we are now reading for 2018 slots. We have the following slots available:

  • General poetry: Two open slots—narrative, nature, travel and translation preferred.
  • Japanese form poetry: One open slot, with preference given to Haiku, haibun, and tanka.
  • Prose poetry: One open slot—narrative, nature, travel and translation preferred.
  • General prose: Two open slots. We are seeking 4,000-8,000 word collections of creative non-fiction, essays, short stories, or flash fiction—especially works that will allow our readers to explore the world through an ecological, geographical or cultural lens.

Submission guidelines can be found here.

The first in Folded Word’s 2016 Chapbook Series, David Oestreich’s poetry collection titled Cosmophagy, launched last week. It can be ordered individually or in bulk here, and is also available to order from most booksellers.

Folded Word’s Twitter poetry zine unFold has officially launched! Editor Rose Auslander and  new Assistant Editor Kristine Slentz have the zine up and running. They’ll be posting new work four times a month this year. We have plenty of submission slots open for this year, for poems of ten lines or fewer—submission form available here. Be sure to check out the new format, especially this haiku by dt. haase:

The second part of the WriteLife column is up on the Folded blog. Written by Dan Szczesny (author of upcoming Mosquito Rain, available for preorder here), the new series is intended for the writer who wants to “go pro.” The series’ second piece continues dispelling the common myths of the “magic writer.” Learn why writing is not a romantic profession, and why writers are not necessarily romantics.

Samantha Priestly has a new short story, called “The Winter Garden,” up on the Folded blog. It is based in her resident Sheffield, UK, and contains neat prose about a greenhouse retail center in the city. And Tim Bridwell’s novel Sophronia L. was featured on the blog Snowflakes in a Blizzard, with a summary, interview questions, reviews, author profile and sample chapter.

For current updates throughout the month, keep checking in at the Folded blog.

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