Noon Selections


autumn light
in every leaf
an ember

©2018 by dt.haase

dt.haase is a wanderer for wonder, whimsy, and wisdom.


The Cliffs at Esheness, Shetland

Tall cliffs rise from the whirling tide. Seagulls and terns catch the updrafts and circle over us at the edge where the earth drops off into the North Atlantic. Jagged and threatening, outcroppings along the shore splinter the waves into wet shards.

Our flapping jackets
in this October wind—
the rocky path

We walk across the flat surface, away from the edge, finding ancient discards of basalt and granite. Old lava flows pave the way and the lighthouse beckons with its fog-hazy light.

Barred window
framed in chipping paint—
silent wind

You reach for a light brown stone, hand it to me and say: Keep this as a memory of this place.

Cold touch among grasses
and gathering clouds
candle-lit rooms await

©2018 by David Rachlin

David Rachlin is a retired educator and writing professor living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is the author of a book of poems entitled Topographies of Light.

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