Submission Guidelines Revised

If you’ve been thinking about sending us a query for your work, please be aware that we just revised our submission guidelines:

Some of the revisions clarify the genres and manuscript lengths we’re looking for. Other revisions explain our acquisitions process in more detail. All of the revisions should help you submit a well-targeted query and understand the review process it’s undergoing.

One thing that isn’t mentioned in the submission guidelines is our emerging philosophy on chapbooks. We adore the cohesive conciseness of a well-crafted chapbook-length manuscript, but we don’t like to cram those words into the smallest booklet possible. While we’re not yet ready to post a fleshed-out “vision for the 21st century chapbook,” we do think you’ll be able to see where we’re headed by checking out the following titles:

*While the word-count is chapbook length, this title has been typeset so that it has text on the spine and thus is easier to place with bookshops.

If anything in these new guidelines still seems unclear, please post your question in the comments section below.

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