Wanted: 2016 Chapbooks

While we have filled all our book-length publication slots for 2016, we are still searching for chapbook manuscripts. Next year we will be publishing one chapbook per month and will offer subscriptions, so it would be a great year to join the Folded family. We’ve recently expanded the genres we publish and have reserved chapbook slots accordingly. As of today (24 April 2015), we still need:

  • 1 poetry chapbook
  • 1 bilingual poetry translation chapbook (10-12 poems)
  • 1 haiku chapbook*
  • 3 short-story chapbooks (a single 5000-word short story OR 12-20 flash fiction stories preferred)
  • 2 literary essay chapbooks (around 5000 words, may include literary memoir)
  • 1 travel essay chapbook (around 5000 words)

If you think you’ve got something we’ll love, please read the submission guidelines on our website (http://www.foldedword.com/submit.html) and follow them completely. We encourage you to print double-sided to save on paper & postage.  We also don’t mind if you fold your query + sample pages to fit inside a #10 (business) envelope.

If you do send us something, please mention this blog post in your cover letter. Thanks so much!

*If you are submitting a haiku manuscript, you may submit 6-8 haiku per page and send us the complete manuscript rather than a sample.

Ready to dive in?
Ready to dive in?

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