Theme Thursday: Three Challenges

Life is never dull, so why should our submission guidelines be boring?  To spice things up a bit, we’ll post special themes once a week for Form. Reborn and PicFic.  Think of them like challenges from your 10 year old best friend–the one who always said “I dare you” or “I bet you can’t.”  While our standard guidelines still apply, we are aggressively seeking:

  1. Sonnets for Form. Reborn that will initially run on Twitter in 2-3 line daily segments.  C’mon, you know you have some lurking in your journal!  (Deadline:  30 April 2009 to
  2. Spring Break picos for PicFic, written in 1, 7, & 14 tweet lengths (see submission guidelines for explanation).  Picture yourself in exotic locations, with mayhem and sunshine….  Do you see it?  Great!  Now tell us about it.  (Deadline:  15 April 2009 to
  3. Multilingual Submissions for both journals.  Write your pico or poem in English to meet the character-count guidelines, then give us your interpretation in another language.  The English will run on Twitter.  Translations with the English will be posted on the author’s archive page.  (Deadline:  none–we LOVE multilingual submissions)

First one in gets special treatment;-)  On your marks, get set, GO!

Cheers, J. S.

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