Pushcart 2015 Nominees

Folded Word is proud to nominate the following works for the Pushcart Prize:

  • “I Must Be Dead” – short story from PREMEDITATIONS by Michelle Ristuccia
  • “L’Anguille” – short story from L’ANGUILLE by Jon Trobaugh
  • “For Neruda” – poem from THE ROAD TO ISLA NEGRA by William O’Daly
  • “Lone Dog” – microfiction translation from EPHEMERAL by Miguel Lupián with translation by  Joseph Hutchison
  • “The Satire Lounge” – poem from THE SATIRE LOUNGE by Joseph Hutchison
  • untitled haiku from WHAT WAS HERE by Julie Warther

Our choices this year were difficult ones; we had so many high-quality publications to choose from. Congratulations to the nominees!

Click to learn more about the Pushcart Prize at their website.
Click to learn more about the Pushcart Prize at its website.

3 Comments on “Pushcart 2015 Nominees

  1. I thrilled to be included, J.S.! Thanks for the vote of confidence. And wouldn’t that be a coup for Miguel? Wheee!


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