Month in Review: November 2015

Pre-order shipments of Folded chapbooks about to go out

In November, the press celebrated the release of two new full-length titles. We are looking forward to more releases in the coming month, as well as a revitalization of our online poetry zine unFold. There will be more exciting news as we look forward to the new year, so watch for posted updates!

In late November, Editor in Chief JS Graustein released Folded’s nominations for this year’s Pushcart Prize. There were many great works to choose from. Congratulations to Michelle Ristuccia, Jon Trobaugh, William O’Daly, Miguel Lupián, Joseph Hutchison, and Julie Warther for nominations of their work! To learn more about the Pushcart Prize, visit its website.

In January of 2016, our Twitter poetry zine unFold will relaunch with a new focus beyond the 140-word Twitter format, and will be including visual art. To get involved, visit the submission page for guidelines and more information.

Michelle Ristuccia’s short story “I Must Be Dead” was one of the works nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Her chapbook of short stories, PREMEDITATIONS, will be released on 15 December. Until then, it can be preordered through Folded Word. The chapbook is also available in 3- and 6-packs for discounted prices.

Another Pushcart Prize nomination, Jon Trobaugh’s “L’Anguille,” will also be released 15 December in his short fiction triptych L’ANGUILLE. It is also available for preorder and is available in discounted multipacks.

Novel TOOTH DECAY by Garrett Socol was released on 1 November, and is available for purchase on Amazon and through Barnes & Noble. Garrett has also made excerpts from the new novel available online.

New translation of sonnets PYTHAGORE, AMOUREUX | PYTHAGORAS IN LOVE peaked at #26 in its category, French Poetry, on Amazon shortly after its release. It was also the #3 Hot New Release in its category. You can order this recently launched book from most online retailers or special-order from most physical book shops.

New to Folded Word: a Chapbook Series Subscription, starting in 2016. You can subscribe in the Folded Word shop for the full year (9 titles), or individual seasons – 3 chapbooks each of either poetry (spring), prose (summer), or nature-themed (fall). This subscription is a great way to stay up to date with Folded Word’s authors and chapbook publications, and receive a new dose of literature almost every month in 2016.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: We are still seeking submissions of chapbook manuscripts for our 2017 chapbook series. We are especially seeking literary essay, travel essay, nature essay, short fiction, and translation submissions. See our submissions page for guidelines.

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