What’s in a word?

There are constantly new blogs popping up all over the web. Some have themes, while others are just about a person’s daily life. How does someone come up with an idea for a blog, exactly? For Nathalie Boisard-Beudin, an in-house lawyer for the European Space Agency, it all started with a word.

Started in September 2008, Word of the Day! Fresh! Fresh! Fresh! is a blog of words. Each word is defined, represented with a picture and caption to help the reader understand what the word means.

“Back in 2008, I discovered a new word,” said Nathalie. “New to me, at least, since I am not a native English speaker. This happens often but, for some reason, the word – “glower” – sparked an idea for a digital drawing. I drew and posted the result on my “Title” blog and thought nothing more of it. But the following day the same thing happened. With the word “immolate” this time, I then had to recognize that this could become an addictive trend, so started “Word of the Day! Fresh! Fresh! Fresh!’”

After a blog is started, the next move is to make sure that everything is kept up. Although the page is titled “Word of the Day” it usually takes more than one day for Nathalie to put everything together. For one, there’s finding a word to define.

“A lot of on-line dictionaries have word-of-the-day feature but I am also a compulsive reader and always note down words that appeal to me,” said Nathalie. “My work environment also has a rich jargon which I can explore. Sometimes it’s a picture that sparks a text and therefore a word. I like it when I discover that a normal everyday word has a multitude of meanings.”

After the word is chosen and defined, there is the picture to be considered. Almost every picture Nathalie uses is one of her own.

“Whenever possible, I do try to use my own pictures – as is or manipulated – although sometimes I have to resort to public domain or creative commons pictures. In such cases, the source is always acknowledged,” said Nathalie.

Living in Italy, Nathalie has been participating with Folded Word since March 2009 when she found the website through Duotrope Digest, a free writers’ resource that lists over 3,000 fiction and poetry publications. Not only does she contribute stories and poems, but also pictures that are used in some of the weekly PicFic story-challenges. Last year, Nathalie’s poem “The Sage Secret” was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Her chapbook, On a Cloud 285, will be released by Folded Word as a Signature Series chapbook later this fall.

by Casey Murphy

One Comment on “What’s in a word?

  1. Love this idea for a website! Will have to check out your words 🙂


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