Freight: What are You Carrying?

The Patron and the Author

This past week, Kurt and J.S. Graustein met with Mel Bosworth to discuss production of Mel’s upcoming novel, Freight. After the meeting, a thought burst into the Fold. We at Folded Word began to wonder if you, our readers and contributors, have any freight of your own.

In preparation for Freight‘s launch in May 2011, Folded Word will be holding a literary/art contest. Everyone is encouraged to submit work in any category listed below–work that answers the question, “Freight: What are you carrying?”

Categories consist of: photography, fine art, poetry (no more than 30 lines), memoir (no more than 500 words), short story (no more than 500 words), and video (submission of links–YouTube or similar–rather than a video file). You may submit three entries per category at Submishmash (scroll down until you see the contest category). There is no fee to enter. Deadline is noon Pacific on December 31, 2010.

*Works that will be accepted for publication in The Freight Collective, a companion e-book to the novel (ISBN 978-1-61019-000-8, distributed as a free PDF) will be placed on the contest’s longlist throughout the contest period. Works that will not be accepted for publication will be declined as early as possible so they may be submitted elsewhere. All works accepted for publication will also be displayed in Freight’s Online Gallery (forthcoming, January 2011). A shortlist will be selected on 15 January 2011 that will consist of three works per category. One winner per category will then be selected through audience voting on 31 January 2011. Each person selected for the short list will receive a pre-release copy of Freight. Each winner will receive a signed pre-release copy of Freight.*

So tell us, Freight: What are you carrying?

by Casey Murphy

*Section has been revised since initial posting to highlight the publication opportunity within this contest.

9 Comments on “Freight: What are You Carrying?

  1. I’m gonna have to spread the news about this, and see if I have something to enter 🙂


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