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Freight: What are You Carrying?

This past week, Kurt and J.S. Graustein met with Mel Bosworth to discuss production of Mel’s upcoming novel, Freight. After the meeting, a thought burst into the Fold. We at Folded Word began to wonder if you, our readers and contributors, have any freight of your own.

What’s in a word?

There are constantly new blogs popping up all over the web. Some have themes, while others are just about a person’s daily life. How does someone come up with an idea for a blog, exactly? For Nathalie Boisard-Beudin, an in-house lawyer for the European Space Agency, it all started with a word.

On Tour with “Paper House”

Going on a book tour is an important part of advertising your work. Since April, Jessie Carty, founding editor of Folded Word, has been on tour with her poetry collection Paper House, which was released March 30, 2010.

Watch the Heron

This summer, the third Heron issue from Folded Word will be released. The third issue is a fiction piece written by Ben White, the editor of PicFic’s Headliner series and a PicFic contributor at Folded Word.

Meeting in Boston

The past week, J. S. Graustein, our managing editor here at Folded Word, has been on an adventure. Not the kind of adventure you take when you want to fight dragons or save princesses, but a learning adventure. In Boston, Graustein is attending a “How to be a Publisher” class

Snowing Fireflies now Available for Preorder

The wait has finally come to an end. Eric Beeny’s chapbook Snowing Fireflies is now available for preorder! Options for preorder are chapbook, chapbook signed, and chapbook as subscription.

Longlists, Shortlists, and the Excitement of Writing

I first came across the term “shortlisted” when I was casted in my University’s production of “The Pillowman” by Martin McDonagh. The main character, Katurian, is a writer and when he was a young boy he was shortlisted in a writing competition. No one in the cast was quite sure what the word meant, and even after my director told us he was contemplating using a different word in this production so that the audience would understand.