Want in on the Heron2 Action?

Maybe I’m just giddy with all the chapbook excitement and being on a roadtrip with my family, but I’m having loads of fun spreading Heron2 up and down CA Highway 99 and I-5.  I don’t want to hog all the fun myself, though.  So I’ve got a deal for you: I’ll send a 5 pack of professionally printed Heron2 to anyone that emails editors@foldedword.com by 22 February 2010 and asks.  Free of charge.  That’s one of these rare little gems for you to keep and 4 to spread ’round your neighborhood, all for the bargain price of an email and your postal address.  The first 5 people to ask get a signed copy.

Ready, steady…GO!



P.S. We won’t fill your mailbox with unwanted adverts.  Postage and paper are too precious for that.


One Comment Add yours

  1. jessiecarty says:

    sending Heron around is so much fun!! If you don’t have any copies yet, definitely get some 🙂


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