Want in on the Heron2 Action?

Maybe I’m just giddy with all the chapbook excitement and being on a roadtrip with my family, but I’m having loads of fun spreading Heron2 up and down CA Highway 99 and I-5.  I don’t want to hog all the fun myself, though.  So I’ve got a deal for you: I’ll send a 5 pack of professionally printed Heron2 to anyone that emails editors@foldedword.com by 22 February 2010 and asks.  Free of charge.  That’s one of these rare little gems for you to keep and 4 to spread ’round your neighborhood, all for the bargain price of an email and your postal address.  The first 5 people to ask get a signed copy.

Ready, steady…GO!



P.S. We won’t fill your mailbox with unwanted adverts.  Postage and paper are too precious for that.

One Comment on “Want in on the Heron2 Action?

  1. sending Heron around is so much fun!! If you don’t have any copies yet, definitely get some 🙂


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