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New Titles New Blogs

It’s been a crazy April around here. Not only were we hatching a Heron and proofing FREIGHT, we typeset two chapbooks and edited our first travel narrative. And yet our queue of titles waiting to be produced is STILL staggeringly long. So in an effort to streamline updates from our globally-diverse crew, we’ve created two new blogs instead of building vast quantities of webpages.

Watch the Heron

This summer, the third Heron issue from Folded Word will be released. The third issue is a fiction piece written by Ben White, the editor of PicFic’s Headliner series and a PicFic contributor at Folded Word.

Want in on the Heron2 Action?

Maybe I’m just giddy with all the chapbook excitement and being on a roadtrip with my family, but I’m having loads of fun spreading Heron2 up and down CA Highway 99 and I-5. I don’t want to hog all the fun myself, though. So I’ve got a deal for you…

Heron2 Now Available

In case you missed the live-chat launch a week and a half ago, Heron issue 2 is ready for immediate download from the Nest. This issue of Heron features three poems by Eric Burke, one of our Regular Contributors that has graced both Form.Reborn and unFold. We have pdf versions you may download and print, in both letter-size and A4. We also have an mp3 of Eric reading his poems.

Heron1 Love: CA-108 Blitz

As I slid down the Sierra Nevadas on my way home this weekend, I slipped some Heron goodness into the lovely towns along the highway. They’ll never be the same again;-)

Heron1 Love: Lounging in L.A.

Today’s shout goes to xTx, one of our PicFic contributors and loyal ReTweeter.

Heron1 Love: Nesting in Nashville

Today’s shout goes to Christopher, a writer and avid traveller.

Launching Heron – Jessie’s Version

I launched several copies of Heron out into the world.  Here is my video but feel free to stop by Folded Word’s main site to download the MP3, the story or to find out how to participate in releasing your own copies into the… Continue Reading “Launching Heron – Jessie’s Version”

Heron Roosts in Western Mass.

Thanks to the efforts of our contributor-extraordinaire, Mel Bosworth, limited edition printed Herons have a bit of counter space in three lovely locations:

Heron: Live n’ Loud

The first issue of Heron is now available from our website, featuring the flash fiction “Leave Me As I Lessen” by the incomparable Mel Bosworth.