Behind the Scenes of Caravan

coloring the cover of a pamphlet

Every once in awhile, the #WrittenWordWednesday column publishes work from a writer who lives in a country with restricted PayPal access. Since PayPal is the only way we can pay royalties, we have had to come up with creative ways to compensate these writers for the use of their work.

cover of Caravan by Hifsa Asharf
The cover of our first waterfall-fold pamphlet: “Caravan” by Hifsa Asharf
Yesterday’s poem “Caravan” by Hifsa Asharf is one of these pieces. In the past, we would try to send chapbooks in exchange for the right to post an artist’s work on our site. However international postage to some of these countries was extremely expensive and the chapbooks rarely arrived. So we’ve now developed a small pamphlet that is flat and light enough to fit in a letter-sized envelope. For each boutique print run of 20 copies, 4 will go to the author. The other 16 will be distributed free of charge in a kind of “guerilla lit” campaign: pinning them up them on local bulletin boards in coffee shops, community centers, and country stores — bringing international voices to our underserved rural community.

If you happen to be in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and see one of our little gems, please do let us know in the comments below. And if you live in an underserved community yourself, please let us know if you’d like copies of future pamphlets to distribute in your neck of the woods/desert/tundra/streets. We’ll be happy to work something out:-)

4 Comments on “Behind the Scenes of Caravan

  1. Lovely and delicate production! Above and beyond to get something worthy to this poet.

    Liked by 1 person

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