On Mill City Park

A group poem from Winni River Days, Franklin NH

“It may be cloudy, but that’s okay.
What a perfect, fun, wet day!”
~Con Partridge

“It’s all about the company, the scenery, and the snacks!”

River days are the best days,
flowing by without a care
under unblinking skies.
And these days
— these Winni River Days —
fill with white-water and warm people,
infuse our community
with the power of rapids
the stamina of vendors,
the joy of dogs and children
at one with jazz.
A cool breeze blows up from our river —
sneaks up on us
like a pint of Nun-Chuk Ping Pong
savored with rounds of cornhole
and funky fresh jams
while kayakers navigate white walls
and rough eddy lines,
trying to stay left.
They rock
hurl past summer banks
lined with moss and wildflowers
slugs and damselflies,
flying under a trestle to the finish line
where Mill City Park
is just beginning.

©2018 by JS Graustein and the Winni River Days festival goers

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