After Rain

collage bird and flowers

haiku by Gary Schroeder
calligraphy by JS Graustein
foreword by Joseph Hutchison

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  • ISBN 978-1-61019-112-8 Global Edition: print $12
  • Accessible Edition ebook TBA

In this collection of 32 haiku presented in the Carolingian hand of JS Graustein, Gary Schroeder celebrates the intimacy of moments. In translating his observations into sensory-rich poems, Schroeder has granted us access to his private library of the domestic and the wild, the celestial and the terrestrial, the rare and the mundane. To leaf through this subtly elegant collection is to be transported to new microcosms, each with its own sense of time.

GARY SCHROEDER is the author of four books of poetry, and is published widely in journals. He and Joseph Hutchison edited A Song for Occupations: Poems About the America Way of Work, which was published with the support of a grant from the The Colorado Council on The Arts and Humanities. He lives on a 50-acre ranch in rural Douglas County, Colorado, near Castlewood Canyon State Park, where he hikes as often as he can.

JS GRAUSTEIN is a co-author of the poetry, essay, and photography collection Water Ways. She has been playing with letter-forms since she could hold a crayon. Now the book designer for Folded Word, this is the fourth collection of haiku she has calligraphed from her woodland studio in Meredith, New Hampshire. To learn more, please visit her online at


“….It helps, of course, if the poet is conversant with both the world and his or her own heart. In this, Gary Schroeder is a master. He uses words to point us toward what is beyond words and so gives voice to what typically passes without notice….”
~Joseph Hutchison, Colorado Poet Laureate 2014-2018

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