First Look at Our Book for the Nook

print to ePub comparison, originally uploaded by Folded Word.

After two weeks of bugging-out and debugging, we have our first book for the Nook. This process, and the Kindle conversion which followed, was so tricky that we will be posting a how-to once our techie CFO and our Managing Editor can collaborate on it–as a gift to any other indie publishers out there who want to give it a go.

We tweaked the css and xhtml files to get the e-book as close as possible to the print layout without making a mess. Upon closer inspection, some italics got missed. We will have to find some e-book proofreaders to prevent misses like that in future. (If you’d like to volunteer, say so in the comments).

The files are currently processing at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. We’ll be sure to let you know once they pass muster. Now it’s time for some tea!

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