Form. Reborn

Form.Reborn ran on Twitter 16 March-21 August 2009

Form. Reborn was an experimental poetry journal that sought to boil the essence of form poems down so that they can fit in a mobile phone text message. Some forms can be tweaked easily to fit within the 140 character limit: haiku, cinquain, limerick, one stanza ballads, one heroic couplet, etc. Others, on the surface, seem to defy the bounds of possibility: villanelle, sonnet, sestina, etc. Can they be done with text-speak? Should they? Will readers want to track a few lines of long forms at a time until the series is complete?  We published vibrant images and concise thought that readers enjoyed whether they were in a doctor’s waiting room, in line at the grocery store, walking to class, or…

Form.Reborn wrapped on 21 August 2009 with a poem series by Rose Auslander. A new project, unFold, has replaced it.   unFold is edited by Rose, built on Form‘s foundation, and crafted to expand the definition of poetry on Twitter.

Form.Reborn Author List: (in order of appearance)


  1. Christian Ward (London, UK)
  2. Nathalie Boisard-Beudin (Rome, Italy)
  3. Michael Lee Johnson (Itasca, IL)
  4. F. I. Goldhaber (Oregon, USA)
  5. Claire Askew (Edinburgh, UK)
  6. Ellaraine Lockie (Sunnyvale, CA)
  7. Peter Keller (Seattle, WA)
  8. Eric Burke (Columbus, OH)
  9. Rose Auslander (Brooklyn, NY)
  10. Savannah Barr
  11. Stephen D. Rogers (Buzzards Bay, MA)
  12. meika loofs-samorzewski (Hobart, Tasmania)
  13. N Sullivan (Sioux City, IA)
  14. Patricia Wellingham-Jones (Tehama, CA)
  15. Andrew Dobbs (Boston, MA)
  16. Amanda C. Davis (Pittsburgh, PA)

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