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When the Water and Sand Dance

shells washed by wave bubbles

When the water and sand dance, whence (whence?) their music? What is that music? What sense, what composition surfs itself in? Yes, the water — its bazillion droplets, the mini-jetsam line it etches. Yes, the sand — its gazillion granules, the sponging gauze-and-muslin of… Continue Reading “When the Water and Sand Dance”

Ice and Vapour

Water doesn’t like being liquid. It much prefers its other forms — the ice of a comet or its vapour trail. Water flips through a single change of state at indeterminate temperature, and changes back again at will. But the Earth with its gravity… Continue Reading “Ice and Vapour”

Prayers for Maa Ganga

flower offering placed in the River Ganges

Sunset invocations for purification rise up from worshippers at the river’s edge like incense through my unbraided Western hair to the streets, where exhaust thick as dust storms fills the undulating lungs of millions. On jammed highways and byways cars and motorcycles beep warnings… Continue Reading “Prayers for Maa Ganga”

My Own Nairobi

colorized ripples on a stream surface

“How is it possible to bring order out of memory.”           ~Beryl Markham, West with the Night. In the mud on the bottom of my boots, I spot a flake of gold mixed in. I take a sharp knife and loosen it out staring at… Continue Reading “My Own Nairobi”

becoming more

long exposure of river rapids

what a good thing to be young and to call the creek behind your home ‘brother’ and to be fed by the same mouth and to spend the most fragile summer nights wondering how one becomes mighty and when — if ever — we… Continue Reading “becoming more”

At the Coffee Shop

soap bubbles through glass

Outside, a window washer watches me watching him, works a rhythm, window after window, simulating a seamlessness, tipping his squeegee after every-other downward stroke, coercing the water to run like blood from each overlapping pass, though of course he can’t touch my shining smudges,… Continue Reading “At the Coffee Shop”