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Big as the Earth

by Joe Bisicchia Accessible version: Yes, there’s an elephant in the room. Shall we ignore it? Wish it to just go away? Perhaps we should take it for a walk. Talk with it along the way. © 2018 Joe Bisicchia Joe Bisicchia was an… Continue Reading “Big as the Earth”

untitled cherita

by Stacia O’Connell Accessible version: I spent Sunday canning peaches, sugar-spiced songs swayed in the tangy-tart steam that filled the kitchen, a hazy backdrop for an afternoon matinee with a spoon. ©2018 by Stacia O’Connell Stacia O’Connell is a second life accidental poet, artist,… Continue Reading “untitled cherita”

haiku in black & white

by Angelee Deodhar Accessible version: pitch black scattered pear blossoms on the neon lit path ©2018 by Angelee Deodhar Angelee Deodhar is an eye surgeon, haiku poet, translator and editor of the Journeys trilogy of international haibun.


by Tom Sacramona Accessible version: calligraphy dusk falls— the human changes to a fox in the brush ©2018 by Tom Sacramona Tom Sacramona is a haiku poet who enjoys hiking near Alton Bay, New Hampshire.

Portrait of My Mother Cutting Melon

by Crystal Karlberg Accessible version: Portrait of My Mother Cutting Melon The flesh is such a delicate shade of green, you have to squint to see it. This particular cutting frozen in time, the matte black handle, the gnarled right hand. No matter the… Continue Reading “Portrait of My Mother Cutting Melon”


abstract of shadow on snowdrift

by Carolyn Agee Watching your lips, I comprehend silence. ©2018 Carolyn Agee Carolyn Agee is an actress & author in the PNW with forthcoming books: Drowning Ophelia (Red Bird Chapbooks) and The Ambiguous Tides of Saudade (Wolfsinger Pub.).

Lab(orare est orare)

by Peg Duthie Accessible version: Lab(orare est orare) Cleaning glass with clammy hands, coaxing clues onto whiteboards — on we press: oncological hide-and-seek. ©2018 by Peg Duthie Peg Duthie would like you to visit her home in cyberspace: http://zirconium.dreamwidth.org.


by Greg Hill Accessible version: Oh for all the world, so few could solve my riddled heart as you ©2018 by Greg Hill Greg Hill is a writer and voice-over talent in West Hartford, Connecticut, where he spends evenings composing little tunes for his… Continue Reading “Oh”

It was close

stylized photo of barn window

by F.J. Bergmann If I’d gotten hay for the horses from another farm If I’d been able to pay cash instead of working in the field If you hadn’t lost your balance and sat down just before the truck went under the bridge If… Continue Reading “It was close”

Body Polychrome

by Ahimaz Rajessh Accessible version: Body Polychrome shades of garment lapse of instants shades of light compose her …now brown … now wheatish now black … now goldish… tones ©2018 by Ahimaz Rajessh Lately published in 200 CCs, Flapperhouse, Pidgeonholes, theEEEL & Strange Horizons,… Continue Reading “Body Polychrome”