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As Forest

This was our territory once. Every lifetime our places and times of day diminish, but as long as food sources remain plentiful we will stay here and adapt — learning to cross carefully the hard grey roadways and the daylight hours, the noise and… Continue Reading “As Forest”

Sunrise Selections

haiku: autumn equinox in — out the breath of the sea ©2018 by Alan S. Bridges Alan S. Bridges began writing haiku in 2008 after meeting John Stevenson, the editor of The Heron’s Nest, on a cross-country train trip. Alan was voted Poet of… Continue Reading “Sunrise Selections”

Lopping Them Off

pruned branch weeping sap

Persimmons proclaim their youth when bitterness puckers our jowls. Few mature into sweetness. The unskilled arborist prunes the branches, partially severed, kerfs collapsing, tearing bark from the trunk. Decay enters into unclean cuts. Stubs sprout suckers and obscure the tree’s interior from sunlight. At… Continue Reading “Lopping Them Off”

Aftermath (Photograph, 1953)

swirled bark from fallen tree

She points past a pile of fallen trees—roots upturned, knowing the grey-clouded sky for the first time. She stands in their midst, the logs lying like a giant’s game of pick-up-sticks. The bank is eroded—smooth, weather beaten. The ground is soggy, and her knee-high… Continue Reading “Aftermath (Photograph, 1953)”