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TEN with Nora Nadjarian

Last week, we caught up with our only Cypriot contributor thus far. Nora Nadjarian shared the lovely serial “Zoo” with us in October. We’d been tracking her all morning, in and out of the market stalls, but she moves fast. We finally caught her when she stopped to people watch over a light lunch.

TEN with Ben White

When I caught up with Ben White for this interview, he was playing guitar in the office. His wife got annoyed and told him to “stop making noise.” Like me, he is also a huge fan of sleeping in. HUGE. I appreciate that he puts off the loving embrace of his treasured memory foam mattress to write vast amounts PicFic tweets.

(More) New to the Fold

We three are now four! Folded Word is jazzed to announce that Teresa Houle is our new Assistant Editor.

TEN with [author]

We miss our Monday visits with our contributors around the world, so we’ve posted a “help wanted” sign in our new website’s window.

TEN with meika Part 2

Two weeks ago, we brought you the first half of our interview with meika loofs-samorzewski. And, at long last, here is the second half you’ve all been waiting for;-)

TEN with meika loofs-samorzewski

We crossed the International Date Line and the Equator for this interview, so we’re made the most of our trip and asked follow-up questions for the first time.

TEN with Ellaraine Lockie

This week, we’re pleased to present an interview with poet and paper-maker-extraordinaire, Ellaraine Lockie. Ellaraine graced Form.Reborn with a series of Japanese verse last week and will be featured in Shape of a Box this summer.

TEN with Jessy Randall

This week’s interview features Jessy Randall, co-author of Shape of a Box’s Issue 8. She has four chapbooks published, numerous works published in journals, and her third issue of The Huge Underpants of Gloom is available.

TEN with David Erlewine

We’re thrilled to be halfway through our first fortnightly story (14 tweets) over at PicFic. David Erlewine is the brave soul that attempted this death-defying feat–a feat that subjected him to numerous re-write requests. But he (and we) survived to plant our flag “By Hand” at the top of the tweet-zine mountain. Poor David. He’d barely gotten home from his expedition when we banged on his door (and woke his kids from a nap) demanding an interview. And threatening to pitch our tent in his perfectly-manicured front lawn until he gave us one.

TEN with Mel Bosworth

PicFic is very pleased to feature multiple works by Mel Bosworth. Mel is the first of our authors to be given the title “Regular Contributor” because his work will be published by us during three (or more) calendar months.