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in the classroom…

accessible version for screen readers: in the classroom children make origami green frogs hop ©2019 by Dianne Moritz in celebration of International Haiku Poetry Day Dianne Moritz writes poems and picture books for children. Her haiku has appeared in My Frog Pond, The Haiku… Continue Reading “in the classroom…”

almond blossom ballet…

Solstice Series Selection Summer 2018

almond blossom ballet choreographed by delicate spring breeze ©2018 by Roberta Beach Jacobson Roberta Beach Jacobson is an American writer who spent most of her life in Europe. She tried retiring, but it didn’t work.

waiting for spring

sunny morning — my hands feel the warmth in a new bag of compost ©2018 Marina Bellini Maria Bellini discovered late in life the joy of writing haiku. Now she just keeps going.

haiku in black & white

by Angelee Deodhar Accessible version: pitch black scattered pear blossoms on the neon lit path ©2018 by Angelee Deodhar Angelee Deodhar is an eye surgeon, haiku poet, translator and editor of the Journeys trilogy of international haibun.


A Year Unfolding is a haiku collection by Debbie Strange that celebrates the changing seasons in Canada, with each poem written in Carolingian hand by JS Graustein before digitizing.

Filling Holes

He thought, more than anything in the world, that there was nothing worse than holes.

The last straw came when he was walking down the street one day in London. He was looking at how Tower Bridge stood majestic against the pure blue spring sky, its two sibling towers tall above The Thames, and then the next minute his knee hit the pavement and his hand darted out in front of him to take the strain, and he was staring at the stone path so close to his face it took him a moment to fathom what had just happened.