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The 1000 Views Club

Helen Losse’s Recorded in Time was our first video to get over 1000 views. Now Kristy Athens’ Bacon and Whiskey has scaled the 1000 view mountain! Hot on their heels are Old Baby by Leslie What and I’m the Girl by Cynthia Spencer Feel… Continue Reading “The 1000 Views Club”


We will have a new video up for Shape of a Box tomorrow, but I wanted to go ahead and let everyone know that we have added playlists to the YouTube site and I’ve linked them on the right hand sidebar at the bottom.… Continue Reading “Playlists”

Pushcart Nominees

The Pushcart Nominees for shape of a box 2008 are: (drum roll) Dorothy Spruzen for “Lost and Found” – Issue 1, October 14th 2008  Fiction Rob Jacik for “Political Abstinence” – Issue 2, October 21st 2008 Non-fiction j. a. tyler for “& (six)” –… Continue Reading “Pushcart Nominees”

Contest Site Updated

Click on over to our contest site where I have updated details about our first contest. We will start taking entries on January 2nd!

Added Zoetrope

If you guys are on Zoetrope then feel free to send me an email or a zmail and I’ll add you to my new private office where I’d like to discuss Shape of a Box and other ideas for small press and online multi-media… Continue Reading “Added Zoetrope”

Updates for the website and Future of Folded Word Press

I have a new vlog about some of my upcoming projects and requests. I’ll post a text summary below. I need two young girls, young women to be in a “skit” of sorts.  All you need is a digital camera and a non-annoyance with… Continue Reading “Updates for the website and Future of Folded Word Press”