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Gulf of Finland

Can I use my miles to get more miles? They never expire. Flea market to closet. A calm naked swim in Simhall, then smoke sauna. Have a Lapin Kulta Premium.  Find out who’s where. Angie’s singing. She sways and scat sings, the guitar rolls….

haiku in black & white

by Angelee Deodhar Accessible version: pitch black scattered pear blossoms on the neon lit path ©2018 by Angelee Deodhar Angelee Deodhar is an eye surgeon, haiku poet, translator and editor of the Journeys trilogy of international haibun.

10-bloom gladioli…

abstract of swirled glass vase

10-bloom gladioli — I climb the step-stool for a vase ©2018 john martone john martone is an Independent Publisher of journals/small presses tel-let (1980’s-early 2000’s) and otata (2015-current) as well as the personal imprints dogwood & honeysuckle (through early 2000’s) and samuddo/ocean (current). Books…


by Tom Sacramona Accessible version: calligraphy dusk falls— the human changes to a fox in the brush ©2018 by Tom Sacramona Tom Sacramona is a haiku poet who enjoys hiking near Alton Bay, New Hampshire.

from the stump…

from the stump of the old cherry tree another cherry tree ©2018 Ben Moeller-Gaa ~Previously appeared in Acorn: 32. Ben Moeller-Gaa is a Pushcart nominated haiku poet whose poems, reviews and essays have appeared in over 30 journals worldwide. He is the author of…

Portrait of My Mother Cutting Melon

by Crystal Karlberg Accessible version: Portrait of My Mother Cutting Melon The flesh is such a delicate shade of green, you have to squint to see it. This particular cutting frozen in time, the matte black handle, the gnarled right hand. No matter the…


abstract of shadow on snowdrift

by Carolyn Agee Watching your lips, I comprehend silence. ©2018 Carolyn Agee Carolyn Agee is an actress & author in the PNW with forthcoming books: Drowning Ophelia (Red Bird Chapbooks) and The Ambiguous Tides of Saudade (Wolfsinger Pub.).

Lab(orare est orare)

by Peg Duthie Accessible version: Lab(orare est orare) Cleaning glass with clammy hands, coaxing clues onto whiteboards — on we press: oncological hide-and-seek. ©2018 by Peg Duthie Peg Duthie would like you to visit her home in cyberspace: http://zirconium.dreamwidth.org.

what cotton candy tasted like in 2004

clouds at fiery sunset

by William Bortz before summer left that year it gave me a wet kiss and my hair is still matted like dew-soaked grass and July is just another day at the carnival dusk is patient and slow to fade sitting idly just below the…


by Greg Hill Accessible version: Oh for all the world, so few could solve my riddled heart as you ©2018 by Greg Hill Greg Hill is a writer and voice-over talent in West Hartford, Connecticut, where he spends evenings composing little tunes for his…