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PicFic scores some love from MSNBC

MSNBC News posted a video story about Twitter fiction this morning. Both David Erlewine (one of our contributors) and myself make an appearance in the 2 minute 24 second clip.

3 Cheers: May 2009

You voted, now you’ll know. Which works won our 3 Cheers Award for May? You’ll have to watch the video to find out. It’ll be fun–like the Oscars without the sequins, statues, or paparazzi.

Re-Tweet: week of 1 June 2009

Just in case you missed any issues of Twitter-zines this week, we published the work of:

TEN with meika Part 2

Two weeks ago, we brought you the first half of our interview with meika loofs-samorzewski. And, at long last, here is the second half you’ve all been waiting for;-)

3 Cheers: April 2009

We are happy to announce that the winners of our 3 Cheers award for March 2009 are: senryu by Ellaraine Lockie, “Mouthpiece” by Christian Ward, and “By Hand” by David Erlewine.

TEN with David Erlewine

We’re thrilled to be halfway through our first fortnightly story (14 tweets) over at PicFic. David Erlewine is the brave soul that attempted this death-defying feat–a feat that subjected him to numerous re-write requests. But he (and we) survived to plant our flag “By Hand” at the top of the tweet-zine mountain. Poor David. He’d barely gotten home from his expedition when we banged on his door (and woke his kids from a nap) demanding an interview. And threatening to pitch our tent in his perfectly-manicured front lawn until he gave us one.

Theme Thursday: New Forms & Shadows

Introducing yet another set of special themes for Form. Reborn and PicFic. While our standard guidelines still apply, we are aggressively seeking:

TEN with Mel Bosworth

PicFic is very pleased to feature multiple works by Mel Bosworth. Mel is the first of our authors to be given the title “Regular Contributor” because his work will be published by us during three (or more) calendar months.

Theme Thursday: Teen Telephone 1

Our third set of special themes for Form. Reborn and PicFic is aimed at the audience that is most likely to forward tweets: teens. This is your chance to play the party game “telephone,” only your words won’t be mangled. They’ll be passed around intact to hundreds! I even have a hand-picked group of them waiting with their phones in hand, full of contacts, ready to forward YOUR piece to their friends.

3 Cheers: March 2009

We are happy to announce that the winners of our 3 Cheers award for March 2009 are: “Barbed Wires” by Nathalie Boisard-Beudin “Hayfield” by Mel Bosworth “Her & Him” by J. Boyer We hope you enjoy this special video presentation of their work: