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Whirlwind Summary

So much is happening these days at Folded Word that I can only think in bullets.

Chapbook Drawing Day 1

You have 30 days left before we draw names. So if you want to win a print-edition chapbook (either Jessie Carty’s The Wait of Atom or Mel Bosworth’s When the Cats Razzed the Chickens & Other Stories), give us some love around cyberspace. We’re watching…and taking names:-)

Have We Got Treats for You:-)

Pre-orders are now open for the print edition of both our Signature Chapbooks:

* The Wait of Atom by Jessie Carty
* When the Cats Razzed the Chickens & Other Stories by Mel Bosworth

Purchase options and excerpts are available on the “buy” page of our website.

A November that Rocks

Are you ready for a crazy, jam-packed month of literary goodness? We are. November at Folded Word will burst at the seams with a Twitter zine launch and the release of two chapbooks.

Heron1 Love: CA-108 Blitz

As I slid down the Sierra Nevadas on my way home this weekend, I slipped some Heron goodness into the lovely towns along the highway. They’ll never be the same again;-)

PicFic scores some love from MSNBC

MSNBC News posted a video story about Twitter fiction this morning. Both David Erlewine (one of our contributors) and myself make an appearance in the 2 minute 24 second clip.

Heron1 Love: Lounging in L.A.

Today’s shout goes to xTx, one of our PicFic contributors and loyal ReTweeter.

Heron1 Love: Nesting in Nashville

Today’s shout goes to Christopher, a writer and avid traveller.

2009 Pushcart Nominees

This morning I mailed in Pushcart Prize nominations for two of these demanding-yet-adorable little works

Heron Roosts in Western Mass.

Thanks to the efforts of our contributor-extraordinaire, Mel Bosworth, limited edition printed Herons have a bit of counter space in three lovely locations: