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Two Hot Reads to Beat the Cold

It’s yet another damp, cold, snowless, foggy day here at Folded HQ: But look what we’ve got to warm us up: PREMEDITATIONS by Michelle Ristuccia is our first speculative fiction chapbook and guaranteed to make you laugh, groan, and yearn to travel via less-than-conventional… Continue Reading “Two Hot Reads to Beat the Cold”

Wanted: 2016 Chapbooks

While we have filled all our book-length publication slots for 2016, we are still searching for chapbook manuscripts. Next year we will be publishing one chapbook per month and will offer subscriptions, so it would be a great year to join the Folded family.… Continue Reading “Wanted: 2016 Chapbooks”

CLMP: We’re In!

As of 24 March 2014, Folded Word became a proud member of CLMP (the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses).

Chapfest 2014

Last week, Rose and I had the privilege of representing Folded Word at CUNY’s 6th Annual Chapbook Festival. The format of the festival changed from last year, so there were events all over Manhattan for three days, with the book fair portion compressed into one day during the work week. Judging from the increase in foot traffic, I’d say the change paid off.

Poetry or Fiction?

For literary works of 100 words or less, what is the dividing line between poetry and fiction? It can’t be the presence or absence of line breaks since there is a recognized poetic form called prose poetry. It can’t be the presence or absence of a well-defined plot, either, since narrative poetry has been around for millennia–not to mention the mere whispers of beginnings/endings in hint fiction.