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3Cheers Spring 2010

And the winners are: This video was unveiled at our live chat on Skype last night. If you would like to be present at future 3Cheers unveilings, please log in to your Skype account and search for “foldedword” in the directory. Add us as… Continue Reading “3Cheers Spring 2010”

Longlists, Shortlists, and the Excitement of Writing

I first came across the term “shortlisted” when I was casted in my University’s production of “The Pillowman” by Martin McDonagh. The main character, Katurian, is a writer and when he was a young boy he was shortlisted in a writing competition. No one in the cast was quite sure what the word meant, and even after my director told us he was contemplating using a different word in this production so that the audience would understand.