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Autumnal Shift

Equinox Series graphic

Flock of blackbirds moving over the house, silent as they almost always never are — heading south, one wing beat at a time. Leaving behind the September cries of the finches, (in French, no less — Vite! Vite! Vite! / Quick! Quick! Quick!); the… Continue Reading “Autumnal Shift”

I wonder what you see…

#WonderFold is a monthly feature that includes a prompt-based writing challenge on the first Monday of every odd month, followed by the publication of a winning response the first Monday of the next even month. INVITATION: All art grows out of paying attention: in… Continue Reading “I wonder what you see…”

Wonderfold Winner

Our winner this month is the haibun “For Lack of Light” written by Kathleen Cain. We received many wonderful submissions and would love to remind you that if you weren’t picked this time, to be on the lookout for the next #Wonderfold! You never know who will be our next winner!

I wonder what you see…

WonderFold: Inspiration for your next Japanese-form poem & invitation to share

Noon Selections

haiku: autumn light in every leaf an ember ©2018 by dt.haase dt.haase is a wanderer for wonder, whimsy, and wisdom. haibun: The Cliffs at Esheness, Shetland Tall cliffs rise from the whirling tide. Seagulls and terns catch the updrafts and circle over us at… Continue Reading “Noon Selections”

Equinox Series: Submissions Open

To submit haiku, senryu, tanka, and haibun for our 1st Semi-Annual Equinox Series, please fill out the form at the bottom of this post. Autumn 2018 Selections will be made by JS Graustein, Editor in Chief and calligrapher of our haiku collections. The prize?… Continue Reading “Equinox Series: Submissions Open”

Earth Colours – a Haibun

slot canyon with moon in a blue sky

It’s not long after dawn on a clear autumn day, chilly, but set to warm up later. We’re at one end of the 2.5-mile-long Grand Wash, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, a slot canyon on the Waterpocket Fold through white Navajo Sandstone formations and… Continue Reading “Earth Colours – a Haibun”


Every day the sunrise and yet not sameness. We live textured lives: rough and smooth, natural, modest, and mysterious. One cannot kiss and think about the kiss at the same time, it will be lost. overcast – from the crack in the blinds a… Continue Reading “wabi-sabi”