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I am an insect, carapaced, visor-faced and joyful. Smaller than other travellers, I fight the air’s viscosity and feel its every rip and eddy, its waves of coolness under trees and its warmth over sunlit fields and tarmac. You hear me before you see… Continue Reading “Insect”

FRAGMENTS: From the Lost Book of the Bird Spirit

abstract characters on papyrus

Set to the music of bird flight, sight, and song, these poems, in the form of fragmented ancient text, tell a story of loss and the journey toward love, and acceptance.

43 Years

close up of swan wing

I was 43 before I saw swans in flight I was born      raised I loved was loved      am loved I carried life in my swollen belly           in my grateful arms I saw my parents face time with grace      and without grace I have painted… Continue Reading “43 Years”