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Heron: Live n’ Loud

The first issue of Heron is now available from our website, featuring the flash fiction “Leave Me As I Lessen” by the incomparable Mel Bosworth.

Hatching Heron

Heron is our new print/MP3 fusion mini-mag, slated to launch 15 July 2009. Issue 1 will feature a short story by PicFic’s Regular Contributor Mel Bosworth.

New Video in the 1000 Views Club!

Leslie What’s short story Old Baby is now our third video to make it over 1000 views! Leslie’s video joins the club with Helen Losse’s poem Recorded in Time and Kristy Athens’ non-fiction piece Bacon & Whiskey. Cynthia Spencer’s poem I’m the Girl is hot on…

TEN with David Erlewine

We’re thrilled to be halfway through our first fortnightly story (14 tweets) over at PicFic. David Erlewine is the brave soul that attempted this death-defying feat–a feat that subjected him to numerous re-write requests. But he (and we) survived to plant our flag “By Hand” at the top of the tweet-zine mountain. Poor David. He’d barely gotten home from his expedition when we banged on his door (and woke his kids from a nap) demanding an interview. And threatening to pitch our tent in his perfectly-manicured front lawn until he gave us one.

TEN with Mel Bosworth

PicFic is very pleased to feature multiple works by Mel Bosworth. Mel is the first of our authors to be given the title “Regular Contributor” because his work will be published by us during three (or more) calendar months.

TEN with J. Boyer

PicFic launches today on Twitter with a 7-tweet story by J. Boyer. J is a creative writing faculty member at Arizona State University in Tempe.

Theme Thursday: Three Challenges

To spice things up a bit, we’ll post special themes once a week for Form. Reborn and PicFic. Think of them like challenges from your 10 year old best friend–the one who always said “I dare you” or “I bet you can’t.” While our standard guidelines still apply, we are aggressively seeking:

First Chapbook Accepted!

We have accepted the first chapbook that will be published in the Crane Chapbook Collection.  We will have more details on this upcoming book of poetry once we are closer to a release day. I’m still reading submissions for Shape of a Box and…

Speical Call for Submissions

We accept submissions year round but I wanted to put a special notice out there for anyone going to AWP.  If you are planning to attend or live in that area and have work you want published on Shape of a Box, send me…

We Have Our First Acceptance!

Yesterday, I accepted the first piece for publication on Shape of a Box. The author and I are in the process of deciding who will make the video of this wonderful piece of short fiction. I hope we have a video to upload sometime…