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The Quickening of Salmon & Years

close up of water bubbling

From this island                to that isthmus. Here, an egg.                There, a fish. As quick as that. Never mind swimming upstream, breaking       the surface                even momentarily. None of that wild fervor. You will not have cause to travel (the need’s been excised) so loll & fatten,… Continue Reading “The Quickening of Salmon & Years”

Bird House Blind

top of fallen birch tree on the snow

by M.R. Baird I dwell in a house that is not mine; milk snow, lake effect, eagle overhead flies on with outstretched wings, open eyed, above the blinds, my hands grasping, the cold, trees fall, weather comes in again. This house is full of… Continue Reading “Bird House Blind”

The Great Shearwater

stylized photo of waves on rocky shore

by Kelly R. Samuels Great as in large, larger than the greedy sparrow, flick of seed, and the mourning dove. Larger than the chickadee, white-capped, chipper. We’re speaking of birds, you and I — a kind of communion. Something that binds. How you learned… Continue Reading “The Great Shearwater”