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Chapbook Drawing 2009

If you’ve been ReTweeting us on Twitter, commenting about our posts on Facebook, or mentioning us on your blogs, then you have entry tickets in the jar. Did you win? Watch and find out. It’s almost as exciting as watching the lottery…

Chapbook Offers End Soon

Our extended pre-order pricing offers end in 18 hours from the time stamp on this post. So to get $1 off the list price, free shipping, and have the option of adding the author’s signature on our chapbooks, pop over to our shop page. Quickly.

Whirlwind Summary

So much is happening these days at Folded Word that I can only think in bullets.

Chapbook Drawing Day 1

You have 30 days left before we draw names. So if you want to win a print-edition chapbook (either Jessie Carty’s The Wait of Atom or Mel Bosworth’s When the Cats Razzed the Chickens & Other Stories), give us some love around cyberspace. We’re watching…and taking names:-)

Have We Got Treats for You:-)

Pre-orders are now open for the print edition of both our Signature Chapbooks:

* The Wait of Atom by Jessie Carty
* When the Cats Razzed the Chickens & Other Stories by Mel Bosworth

Purchase options and excerpts are available on the “buy” page of our website.

Contest Annoucement Video!

We are holding our first contest.  Here is a link to the video about the contest but you can also click under the Contests tab above to find out more detailed information.

Contest Site Updated

Click on over to our contest site where I have updated details about our first contest. We will start taking entries on January 2nd!