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askew in vexative disarray

light refracting through water in a hot tub

askew in vexative disarray disqualified from the marching band topsy-turvy trombone drool reveille with ill-fitting trousers reliability depends upon premature remorse a bug in the hand beats a bite on the skin tumbleweed tactility orthogonal the one missing glove made for a cold hand… Continue Reading “askew in vexative disarray”

Two Hot Reads to Beat the Cold

It’s yet another damp, cold, snowless, foggy day here at Folded HQ: But look what we’ve got to warm us up: PREMEDITATIONS by Michelle Ristuccia is our first speculative fiction chapbook and guaranteed to make you laugh, groan, and yearn to travel via less-than-conventional… Continue Reading “Two Hot Reads to Beat the Cold”