Tales from Mt. Washington

serial stories and essays by Dan Szczesny
1st installment will go live by 15 August 2019.

What do A Tale of Two Cities, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Jungle, and In Cold Blood have in common? All of these great classics started life as serial tales, told over the course of months or years through the pages of periodicals. Now, noted Granite State author Dan Szczesny will try a modern take on this model. Through the course of 12 installments, Dan will develop a follow-up collection to The White Mountain (Hobblebush Books, 2018) — exploring additional interactions that generations of folks have had with Mt. Washington, New Hampshire. Folded Word will essentially serve as an “incubator” for the book: editing/producing the serial pieces, publishing a Boutique Edition as a test-run, and managing the fundraising needed for Dan’s research and our development of the project. Once complete, the twelve-tale collection will be submitted for review as a potential title for Hobblebush Books.


$15 US, available worldwide

Want to support Dan’s research so he can write Tales from Mt. Washington? Become a subscriber to our video series. Each month from August 2019 through August 2020, you’ll receive an exclusive link to a video-reading of Dan’s latest tale.

  • Videos will feature related photos that Dan has collected through the course of his research.
  • Video subscribers will be thanked for their support in all editions of the book, regardless of publisher.
  • Subscriptions will include a bonus 13th tale, not included in the collection that will be submitted for general distribution.
  • Video subscribers will be given an option to purchase the Boutique Edition of the book before the print-run is finalized.

1st Pamphlet cover


Mailing Pamphlets Quarterly: $26 US
Mailing Pamphlets Monthly: $36 US
Only available to residents of US and Canada.

Want to support Dan’s research AND hold his writing in your hands? Become a subscriber to our video + print series. This deluxe subscription includes everything listed above, but also includes 13 limited-edition Pamphlets — printed as Dan writes them — along with a copy of the complete collection in a limited, numbered Boutique Edition paperback.

Each numbered Pamphlet issue will be limited to a 50-copy print run, laser-printed at Folded Word and folded by hand. The Boutique Edition’s paperback print run will be determined in June 2020, after video subscribers have been given a chance to opt in.

  • Pamphlets will be printed on recycled-content paper and mailed in recycled-content envelopes. They will measure 5.5″ high by 4.25″ wide, and contain 8 pages which are folded from a single sheet of paper.
  • Quarterly Pamphlet subscriptions will include all installments, but will be mailed in four batches of three tales each to save on postage and envelopes.
  • The Boutique Edition paperback will be signed and responsibly printed. Printing will be done locally (Portland ME) on 60# creme paper that is archival and FSC Certified. The color cover will have a water-soluble UV coating, rather than the industry-standard plastic laminate.


  • Tales from Mt. Washington, video subscription : $15

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  • Tales from Mt. Washington, video + print subscription (QUARTERLY pamphlet mailing) : $26
  • Tales from Mt. Washington, video + print subscription (MONTHLY pamphlet mailing) : $36
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