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unFold 2012 Garden Show Selections

Photograph courtesy of Debbie Feller Thanks to our unFold poets and photographers, our blog is about to bloom.  As editors, we enjoyed a glorious month of virtual spring, floating (not to say wallowing) in a flood of koi, ducklings, and stolen tulips – so… Continue Reading “unFold 2012 Garden Show Selections”

  The perfect gift for poetry lovers — our broadside of Matthew Lippman’s “Don’t Harass the Garden,” exclusive from Folded Word, also available in greeting card form, all at   Also visit Matthew at

Originally posted on Folded Word Chapbooks:
A Last Look It’s official. The signature edition of Jessie Carty’s The Wait of Atom is now sold out. Atom was the inaugural title in our Signature Series and had a print run of 75 copies (plus proofs).…

Holiday Special!

Did you know that Folded Word’s  On a Narrow Windowsill is the world’s first Twitter literature anthology?  Makes a great conversation starter — and a one-size-fits-all stocking stuffer! Help us get the anthology in the black by buying the print book directly from us… Continue Reading “Holiday Special!”

unFold unDates

Hi everyone — thanks for your patience while we’re on the road next week.  It’ll be worth the wait!  Starting mid-November, we’ll be posting those spring/summer poems on Twitter, and then resuming our seasonal feed 🙂

Folded Word in NYC

It’s Official — Folded Word Press volumes are on the shelves of Poet’s House, in Battery Park, NYC.  Our first anthology, On a Narrow Windowsill, is also available at the venerable independent bookstore BookCourt, on Court Street, in Brooklyn. Cheers!

A Contributor’s Windowsill

On a Narrow Windowsill, originally uploaded by spacedlawyer. This has got to be one of the best photos we’ve seen yet of our Twitterzine anthology, On a Narrow Windowsill. Many thanks to Nathalie Boisard-Beudin for sharing it in the Folded Word Flickr group!

SPECIAL CELEBRATION — A Valentine to Poetry and Celebration of unFold!

Debbie Feller’s “Choosing Joy” kicks off our week-long “SPECIAL CELEBRATION — A Valentine to Poetry and Celebration of unFold!” Special celebration poems will run on unFold from today through Saturday. A million thanks to all of our celebration contributors — and to all of the… Continue Reading “SPECIAL CELEBRATION — A Valentine to Poetry and Celebration of unFold!”

Never simple

Never simple, originally uploaded by Folded Word. A ten minute clearing of the PicFic inbox led to a three hour research journey into the creation of pdf forms.

Ticking Off

Ticking Off, originally uploaded by Folded Word. It’s been two months since taking our Literary Publishing Course and we’re STILL working on getting our business plan written. Making progress, though:-)