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New Titles New Blogs

It’s been a crazy April around here. Not only were we hatching a Heron and proofing FREIGHT, we typeset two chapbooks and edited our first travel narrative. And yet our queue of titles waiting to be produced is STILL staggeringly long. So in an effort to streamline updates from our globally-diverse crew, we’ve created two new blogs instead of building vast quantities of webpages.

Windowsill Whirlwind

What a week! Thanks to the kind folks at Capital Public Radio and the Northern California Publishers & Authors, this week will be one to remember:

Loads of Windowsills

Loads of Windowsills, originally uploaded by Folded Word. Fresh off the UPS truck and looking spectacular. Our first anthology of Twitter fiction and poetry FINALLY landed at Folded HQ. It’s been an amazing (and anxiety-filled) journey from pixels to print, but we’ve made it… Continue Reading “Loads of Windowsills”

Look Who Else is turning 1

NarrowWindowsill-2, originally uploaded by Folded Word. The year in print celebration continues next week with Mel Bosworth’s chapbook When the Cats Razzed the Chickens and Other Stories turning 1 year old. To celebrate, we’ll give a Green Edition copy of it free to anyone… Continue Reading “Look Who Else is turning 1”

One Year in Print

But putting the sales pitch aside for a moment, do you have any birthday wishes for Jessie’s Atom? He’s turning 1 year old this week and would love to read some comments below.

Next Stop – You

Next Stop – You, originally uploaded by Folded Word. The first Fireflies prior to their migration to their new homes. If you would like your own piece of gold-trimmed awesome, visit our Snowing Fireflies page for audio/video excerpts and ordering information.

Watch the Heron

This summer, the third Heron issue from Folded Word will be released. The third issue is a fiction piece written by Ben White, the editor of PicFic’s Headliner series and a PicFic contributor at Folded Word.

Sneak Peek: Snowing Fireflies

“The stories in Snowing Fireflies are different, I feel, from other stories or (as yet unpublished) novels I’ve written—different in style, tone, delivery, etc,” said Eric Beeny when describing the writing style in his chapbook Snowing Fireflies. “They feel more ‘mature’.”

Mosaic Novels

I’m always up for trying something new, so I’ve decided to create a home for novels in flash along with novels in verse–thus our first open-call for print books. We hope to launch our Mosaic line of novels in late autumn of 2012, but that will depend on whether or not we find the right manuscript. If you would like to submit a manuscript for consideration, see our guidelines…

Want in on the Heron2 Action?

Maybe I’m just giddy with all the chapbook excitement and being on a roadtrip with my family, but I’m having loads of fun spreading Heron2 up and down CA Highway 99 and I-5. I don’t want to hog all the fun myself, though. So I’ve got a deal for you…