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Month in Review: September 2015

Image of the Month Folded Word had another busy month loaded with discourse on poetry in the press’ home state of New Hampshire, as well as the release of a new chapbook and the anticipation of new titles in 2016. A great way to… Continue Reading “Month in Review: September 2015”

Poetry or Fiction?

For literary works of 100 words or less, what is the dividing line between poetry and fiction? It can’t be the presence or absence of line breaks since there is a recognized poetic form called prose poetry. It can’t be the presence or absence of a well-defined plot, either, since narrative poetry has been around for millennia–not to mention the mere whispers of beginnings/endings in hint fiction.

Exploding Ears Everywhere

“The EardrumsPop-label has never been ‘just music’. When it all started, the idea was to combine an interest for arts and illustration with an interest in music.”

Folded Word Reviews Chapbook by Justin Macumber

In our second installment of “Folded Reviews” Jessie Carty presents a video review of Justin Macumber‘s fiction chapbook, The Ties that Bind, published by the author through CreateASpace/Positron Press. Production Notes: binding: Perfect bound cover: color image pages: 55 endpapers: yes price:  print $9.99… Continue Reading “Folded Word Reviews Chapbook by Justin Macumber”

Thoughts from “2nd Grade”

140 characters. That’s all that is used in a PicFic story. 140 characters in order to leave an impression on the reader. Derek Osborne has had several PicFic stories posted in Folded Word’s PicFic archive. One of his more recent submissions, titled “2nd Grade,” is not taken from a longer story, but is an experience from second grade.

Folded Reviews Chapbook by Cynthia Reeser

Today we launch a new feature on this blog, “Folded Reviews.” In this inaugural issue, Jessie Carty presents a video review of Cynthia Reeser’s chapbook, Light and Trials of Light published by Finishing Line Press.