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Wanted: 2016 Chapbooks

While we have filled all our book-length publication slots for 2016, we are still searching for chapbook manuscripts. Next year we will be publishing one chapbook per month and will offer subscriptions, so it would be a great year to join the Folded family….

Schedule of Folded Fun at ChapFest 2015

This year will be our 3rd year with a booth at the NYC/CUNY Chapbook Festival‘s book fair. It will also be our first year launching titles at the festival. If you swing by C-Level of The Graduate Center at CUNY on 2 April 2015,…

New Submissions Editor

We are excited to announce the addition of a Submissions Editor to the Folded Word team. Barbara Flaherty will be taking over the coordination and review of unsolicited queries, with her goal being to drastically reduce our response time. “As a poet,” she said…

Moving Up in the World

When I first joined Folded Word in the spring of 2009 as Managing Editor, I never dreamed that a mere two years later I would have overseen the production of multiple books and chapbooks, earned a Literary Publishing Certificate, and participated in a live radio interview. But I have. Which is amazing. But it also means that some back-office changes are due.

Pic of the Week 11 Prompt

These prompts are usually posted Mondays on our Twitter and Facebook accounts plus our editorial blog. This time, however, we have posted it on Tuesday because we will be running this same prompt for two weeks due to a special story we already have scheduled for this weekend. Since we have two weeks to select the story from this prompt, we will be giving editorial feedback to any stories submitted prior to 30 May 2010. If you receive feedback, you may choose to revise your story and resubmit prior to our final decision on 4 June 2010.

Pic of the Week 10

Huzzah! Pic of the Week will make it into double digits with the winning story from this prompt:

Pic of the Week 9 prompt

This week’s prompt is…

Pic of the Week 8 prompt

We’re switching things up on you this week. Not only are there three prompts, but submissions will be through Submishmash for the first time.

Mosaic Novels

I’m always up for trying something new, so I’ve decided to create a home for novels in flash along with novels in verse–thus our first open-call for print books. We hope to launch our Mosaic line of novels in late autumn of 2012, but that will depend on whether or not we find the right manuscript. If you would like to submit a manuscript for consideration, see our guidelines…

Prompt for Pic of the Week 7

Write us a story in response to this photo.