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Plains of Leutra by Galen Garwood

A poem from William O’Daly’s fourth collection — available to pre-order in Sustainable & Global Editions. Legacy Grandfather, these inland hills and the canyons we blasted with .22s shrink in the August sun. Housing tracts put a stop to our bullets; at night streetlights…

Big as the Earth

by Joe Bisicchia Accessible version: Yes, there’s an elephant in the room. Shall we ignore it? Wish it to just go away? Perhaps we should take it for a walk. Talk with it along the way. © 2018 Joe Bisicchia Joe Bisicchia was an…

FoldedConnection: PressFest!

press fest sign on Washington Mews gate

Last Friday, during the PEN World Voices Festival, our Assistant Editor Kristine Slentz showcased our international books via Folded Word’s table at PressFest! — a side event organized by CLMP at the Washington Mews in NYC. Lee Slonimsky and Elizabeth J. Coleman were there…

Aftermath (Photograph, 1953)

swirled bark from fallen tree

She points past a pile of fallen trees—roots upturned, knowing the grey-clouded sky for the first time. She stands in their midst, the logs lying like a giant’s game of pick-up-sticks. The bank is eroded—smooth, weather beaten. The ground is soggy, and her knee-high…

waiting for spring

sunny morning — my hands feel the warmth in a new bag of compost ©2018 Marina Bellini Maria Bellini discovered late in life the joy of writing haiku. Now she just keeps going.

With Love, Lorna

We’d done the shops, the vast light spacious shiny shops, we’d sat last night and drank halves of amber beer in a bar with high stools and reclaimed tables. We’d walked the long straight roads and felt the endless rain beat our umbrellas and splash our shoes. Sandstone buildings rose around us up into the grey sky and the pavements went on and on until they met the tangle of the motorway.

Golly Wobble Moment

lamb in field

by Brenda Anderson Every year I wait for spring, when the sun’s overhead, the flowers are waist-high and the wind tickles the grass. I don’t know the names of the flowers: they’re like overgrown weeds, tall, spindly, with small nubby yellow heads. There’s a…

untitled cherita

by Stacia O’Connell Accessible version: I spent Sunday canning peaches, sugar-spiced songs swayed in the tangy-tart steam that filled the kitchen, a hazy backdrop for an afternoon matinee with a spoon. ©2018 by Stacia O’Connell Stacia O’Connell is a second life accidental poet, artist,…

Gulf of Finland

Can I use my miles to get more miles? They never expire. Flea market to closet. A calm naked swim in Simhall, then smoke sauna. Have a Lapin Kulta Premium.  Find out who’s where. Angie’s singing. She sways and scat sings, the guitar rolls….

Wonderfold Winner

a response to January’s #Wonderfold Prompt

Our winner this month is “Growth” written by Debbie Feller! Thank you to all who participated and please remember to keep submitting because you never know if you wil be our next Wonderfold Winner!