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The Quickening of Salmon & Years

close up of water bubbling

From this island                to that isthmus. Here, an egg.                There, a fish. As quick as that. Never mind swimming upstream, breaking       the surface                even momentarily. None of that wild fervor. You will not have cause to travel (the need’s been excised) so loll & fatten,… Continue Reading “The Quickening of Salmon & Years”

Gulf of Finland

Can I use my miles to get more miles? They never expire. Flea market to closet. A calm naked swim in Simhall, then smoke sauna. Have a Lapin Kulta Premium.  Find out who’s where. Angie’s singing. She sways and scat sings, the guitar rolls.… Continue Reading “Gulf of Finland”

Place-Based Ventures

[No. 3 in our Eco-Lit series; concludes with a little writing contest] A few months ago, I attended the Land Institute’s annual Prairie Festival in Salina, Kansas. The festival featured talks on sustainable agricultural practices, spirituality’s place in environmental advocacy, and research on new… Continue Reading “Place-Based Ventures”

Eco-Lit: Sense of Place

a column exploring the intersection of literature and ecology by Maryka Gillis A few weeks ago, I found myself directed up the last hill leading to a primitive campsite overlooking a canyon. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is small at just under… Continue Reading “Eco-Lit: Sense of Place”

Eco-Lit: Reclaiming Hope

a new column exploring the intersection of literature and ecology by Maryka Gillis Like many Millenials, I have anxiety and foreboding concerning the changes across Earth’s climate and ecosystems. Call it what you will – climate change, global warming, global weirding, an unfortunate coincidence… Continue Reading “Eco-Lit: Reclaiming Hope”