Editor Profile: Zakariah Johnson

As we kick off the new year, our Editor In Chief had the idea to introduce the Folded Word Staff to our extended Folded Word Family. For the next few months we will be sharing an editor profile that focuses on one member of the staff: what they do, what they like, and other fun little tidbits! To start things off, I’d like to introduce you all to our first Folded Word staff member: Zakariah Johnson. 


Wonderfold Winner

A special thank you to everyone who submitted this month, it’s always a pleasure reading through the various works of literature! Our winner this month is Christina Sng with her beautiful poem The Gravity of Loss. Read, share, comment and remember to submit next time!

Wonderfold Winners

a response to October’s #Wonderfold Prompt

We have two winners this month! Congratulations to Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian and Marinabita. Thank you to everyone who submitted, it’s always a pleasure getting to take the time to read these little masterpieces and it’s always difficult picking a winner. Enjoy these two wonderful pieces of literature and remember to submit to our next Wonderfold Prompt!

Readers Corner: An Interview with Paco Marquez

With the release of Portraits in G Minor tomorrow, I decided it was time for a look into the book’s author, Paco Marquez. A man of many talents, I wanted to get into his mind to discover a little about who he is, what he does, and what he has to say. Below is the insight of an author who revels in mystic wonders and sees the world illuminated. So take a look at our discussion, feel free to get involved in the conversation, and check out his wonderful work when it releases tomorrow!

Wonderfold Winner

Our winner this month is Caroline Cecile, for her Tanka entry. We are so thankful for everyone who entered and as always we really enjoyed reading through all your poems and seeing the world through our communities eyes. I now invite you to enjoy Ms. Cecile’s work, congratulate her, and please keep an eye out for our next Wonderfold Prompt as you could be our next winner!

Wonderful Winner

Our winner this month is Bidur Prasad Chaulagain, for his entry of “Heart Rupture!” Once again thank you everyone who entered, we really love reading through all your poems and seeing how creative our community is. I now invite you to, sit back, relax and enjoy Chaulagain’s work and please keep a watch out for our next Wonderfold Prompt, you could be our next winner!

In Depth: An Interview with Marcus Speh

As an avid reader, I am often curious about how writing process authors use and what inspired them to write. So I was very pleased to find answers to these questions and more when I had the opportunity to interview our own Marcus Speh, author of the newly released Gisela. I hope you enjoy Speh’s insight into the world of writing and please feel free to share it, contemplate it, and talk about it.

Wonderfold Winner

a response to April’s #Wonderfold Prompt Our winner this month is Grace Galton, for her beautiful poem Listening! We had many wonderful submissions so if you didn’t get it this time, keep submitting. So without further ado, please enjoy Galton’s work and as always keep your eye out for our next Wonderfold Prompt, you could be our next winner! Listening a zephyr stirs among old…

Wonderfold Winner

a response to February’s #Wonderfold Prompt Our winner this month is Marietta McGregor with her piece Clear-felled! Thank you to all who submitted, we had so many amazing pieces of work that is was very difficult to choose. Enjoy the reading and stay tuned for the next Wonderfold prompt! Clear-felled Red mud the colour of matted fur….


A Year Unfolding is a haiku collection by Debbie Strange that celebrates the changing seasons in Canada, with each poem written in Carolingian hand by JS Graustein before digitizing.

(b)ring in the New Year

I would like to invite all our readers, team members, authors and anyone else interested to come together this year and create a community of people who can dream, write, encourage and love! Not just within our little world here on this blog, but out there in the real world. Folded Word is about bringing…

Wonderfold Winners

a response to January’s #WonderFold prompt So we have two winners to celebrate! Thank you to all who submitted, everyone’s work was wonderful and remember to keep submitting! Buzz-Sparkle-Shot buzz sparkle shot – rich dark sweet sweet – precious luxury – condensation of company – patina of burnished wood – smooth smooth cream froth – jangling…