Wonderfold Winner

Our winner this month is “Summertime” written by Fiona M Jones! A big thank you to everyone who participated, it’s always great reading all the pieces that come in.


Editor Profile: Kristine Esser Slentz

Hi guys and welcome to another inside look at the people who make Folded Word what it is! This week I had the pleasure of speaking with our Assistant Editor, Kristine Slentz. We discussed every day life in the Big Apple, her work with the press, and more! 

Wonderfold Winner

a response to May’s #Wonderfold Prompt Our winner this month is “Love” written by Jean Holland! Thank you to all who participated and please remember to keep submitting because you never know who our next winner will be! Love ‘ neath nail beds of gardeners the crescent moon embraces the meaning of life ©2018 Jean Holland…

waiting for spring

sunny morning — my hands feel the warmth in a new bag of compost ©2018 Marina Bellini Maria Bellini discovered late in life the joy of writing haiku. Now she just keeps going.

Golly Wobble Moment

by Brenda Anderson Every year I wait for spring, when the sun’s overhead, the flowers are waist-high and the wind tickles the grass. I don’t know the names of the flowers: they’re like overgrown weeds, tall, spindly, with small nubby yellow heads. There’s a clean, fresh perfume in the air, too, like a door leading…

Wonderfold Winner

a response to January’s #Wonderfold Prompt

Our winner this month is “Growth” written by Debbie Feller! Thank you to all who participated and please remember to keep submitting because you never know if you wil be our next Wonderfold Winner!

Editor Profile: Casey Tingle

And we are back with another inside look at the people behind the Folded Word! This week we are focusing on our Fiction Editor, Casey Tingle. Below are some tidbits about her work, fun facts, and advice for future editors. Thanks for reading this new edition of #EditorProfile! 1. Folded Word: What is your title…

Wanted: Travel Narrative

As I sit in the warm dining room of JS Graustein, I relax with a warm cup of tea as we settle in for our next Folded Word chat. #Wanted is the brainchild of that discussion. Now that the Editor in Chief has taken over acquisitions I wanted to find out what she’s looking for in submissions as we bring in a new editorial for the future. This article will look in depth at the topics, length, and details for the perfect Travel Narrative submission. As we got deep into conversation, one thing became clear with submissions of any kind. The submission must explore human interaction with the landscape as well as make the landscape the main focus and all other inhabitants of the land secondary to the narrative. Below you will find the formula for your Travel Narrative submission that will ensure it follows our submission guidelines.

Editor Profile: Zakariah Johnson

As we kick off the new year, our Editor In Chief had the idea to introduce the Folded Word Staff to our extended Folded Word Family. For the next few months we will be sharing an editor profile that focuses on one member of the staff: what they do, what they like, and other fun little tidbits! To start things off, I’d like to introduce you all to our first Folded Word staff member: Zakariah Johnson. 

Wonderfold Winner

A special thank you to everyone who submitted this month, it’s always a pleasure reading through the various works of literature! Our winner this month is Christina Sng with her beautiful poem The Gravity of Loss. Read, share, comment and remember to submit next time!

Wonderfold Winners

a response to October’s #Wonderfold Prompt

We have two winners this month! Congratulations to Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian and Marinabita. Thank you to everyone who submitted, it’s always a pleasure getting to take the time to read these little masterpieces and it’s always difficult picking a winner. Enjoy these two wonderful pieces of literature and remember to submit to our next Wonderfold Prompt!

Readers Corner: An Interview with Paco Marquez

With the release of Portraits in G Minor tomorrow, I decided it was time for a look into the book’s author, Paco Marquez. A man of many talents, I wanted to get into his mind to discover a little about who he is, what he does, and what he has to say. Below is the insight of an author who revels in mystic wonders and sees the world illuminated. So take a look at our discussion, feel free to get involved in the conversation, and check out his wonderful work when it releases tomorrow!