abstract of yellow leaves and rippled water

Sunday — September clouds trail the hillsides,
misty fingers and thighs

Monday — pancakes a little burned,
gold leaves spend all their luck on scent

Tuesday — you, a splash of yellow – you, the sun
in the brook, our legs twined like branches

Wednesday — the dog lolls on the rock, ducks
murmur to the reeds, layers added and shrugged off

Thursday — the tall reeds cupping their hands,
the fire sputtering awake, quiet path to the bath house

Friday — the last hour of the day — the day with its heaving,
its hike, everything thrown together

Saturday — skin softly wind-washed, tented and warm,
my soul untaught, bashful and surprised

©2019 by Judith Chalmer

Recently, Judith Chalmer’s poems appeared in Birchsong anthology, journals Leaping Clear, Blaze Vox, Third Wednesday, Stone Canoe, Blue Unicorn, and Leveler. She is the author of one book of poems, Out of History’s Junk Jar (Time Being Books, 2005) and co-translator with Michiko Oishi for two books of haiku and tanka: Red Fish Alphabet (Tokyo, 2008) and Deepening Snow (Plowboy Press, 2012).

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