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Annual subscriptions cost $50 for US residents (shipping included) and provide critical funding for the royalties we pay #WrittenWordWednesday, #SolsticeSeries, and #EquinoxSeries writers. Since list price for our Sustainable Edition 2019 titles is $16 each, the subscription price equates to a 22% discount with free shipping. This year’s publications include:

  • The Faces of Guan Yin by Dennis Maloney (poetry, April). A collection of poems that explores the various roles of Guan Yin, the embodiment of compassion and wisdom in Buddhism, in both historic and modern contexts.
  • Citadels by Jeanine Stevens (poetry, June). A collection of poems inspired by the people, villages, and countryside of Italy.
  • A Woman, After by Jacqueline Reichman (poetry, September). Poems of motherhood, sacrifice, and filling life after the nest empties.
  • Fireweed by Johnny Baranski (haiku, November). A collection of haiku inspired by the botanical art of Pacific Northwest artist Emily Carr. (cover TBD)

Sustainable Editions are 5×7 paperbacks printed locally by Walch Printing of Portland, Maine without chemical solvents or plastics. Covers have bright colors protected by a water-based UV coating. Textblocks are printed on 70# Cougar Natural paper in a process that preserves the finer details of black & white images. Endpapers in coordinating colors are produced via hydropower by French Paper Company. This edition is available exclusively from the press and its authors.

Subscriptions bill quarterly in $12.50 installments. Copies will ship as each title launches via USPS Media Mail. International subscribers will receive an email from FoldedEditors [at] gmail [dot] com to arrange payment of additional international postage. (If postage to your location is too high, you will have an opportunity to cancel the order for a full refund.)

New this year: Lock in 2019 prices through 2021. The publishing industry has been scrambling the past couple of years in the face of paper shortages and fuel hikes. Costs across the production cycle from the software we use to produce our book-files to the padded envelopes that protect our books in transit continue to rise at unexpected times. While we try to keep prices for our readers as low as possible, we do have to reexamine subscription costs each year. So this year we’ve decided to offer our biggest fans the ability to lock in the current price of $50/year for the next two or three years. Simply choose the length of your subscription commitment below and we’ll do the rest.

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