colorized close up of water rippling over a rock

path between rice fields
lined with stone lanterns
bears the hotel’s new name

fourteen years past
our bed in the chedi
we check in again

wayan in uniform
son of the old staff
sprays insects at dusk

japanese nymph wraiths
float with the mist
on the infinity pool

pining for tennyo
long since the yen failed
my desire remains strong

seven steps down
to the sandstone shrine
with an empty throne

our dreams rise as dust
departing the alila
when fever has passed

©2019 by Andrew Leggett

Andrew Leggett is an Australian author and editor of poetry, fiction and interdisciplinary academic papers, living on the Central Coast of New South Wales. In additon to medical degrees and postgraduate qualifications in psychiatry and psychotherapy, he holds a research masters degree in creative writing (poetry) from University of Queensland and a PhD in creative writing (fiction) from Griffith University.

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