Cape Cod

reflection of pier and trees in water

Life can be lonely, winters are harsh
red-winged blackbirds sing in the marsh
spreading the word all throughout May
and on cranberry bogs, “It’s opening day”

families bond in sandals and sunhats
at kettle ponds, on trails and beach flats
pairs of lovers, delicate dunes
piping plovers like fragile runes

eastside shoreline greets each day
tuna-catch poses, sunsets on the bay
beach plum roses, ghosts and brine,
the word of God, heady scrub pine

breathe in Cape Cod ‘til one fall day
locals cheer, waving signs that say

     See you next year!

© 2018 by Andrée Gendron

Andrée Gendron comes from Massachusetts. Samples of her poetry, fiction and artwork can be seen by visiting her website at

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